The sessions that are done before the wedding are more artistic than the ones that are done in the wedding itself and we’ll discuss about that now and later about the posing sessions in the wedding itself.

The artistic posing photos is the photographer’s chance to show his style and professionalism and the couple’s chance to show their acting abilities and their unique style.

These sessions will include a mix of two main photography approaches: The traditional way where the couple will stand/sit facing the camera and the candid approach where the photographer will be distant and will shoot the couple in all kinds of activities.

The photo sessions before the wedding is usually more comfortable as the couple is more relaxed because they’re alone with the photographer in a quiet place. You should take advantage of the relaxed atmosphere to produce the best pictures available but remember that the couple is still a bit nervous as their big day arrives so you may have to be a bit more gentle with them and not to be like a drill instructor how gives orders, choose the best locations you think will be suitable but be open to hear the couple’s suggestions and needs.

There are two main photo sessions before the wedding – Indoor sessions and outdoor sessions.

The indoor session will take place in all kinds of spaces. The most comfortable place for the photographer is his studio where everything, meaning, the cameras and light, are all ready for the work to be done but there are those wants a bit more artistic touch and therefor choose indoor locations such as warehouses, halls, museums etc. which require a bit of producing skills as the photographer needs to deliver his equipment, adjust the appropriate light to the scene, do a photo sessions from a different angles etc.

As we said before the photo sessions before the wedding are freer styled while the posing session in the wedding itself is more traditional and strict.

The posing photos in the wedding itself will include the bride and groom with family and friends usually by standing and look straight to the camera. It will also include photos with the bride by herself with family/friends and the groom by himself with family/friends. You shouldn’t have any problems with this approach because usually you will stand in one place on every session when the only change is in the number of people participating in the photo. You will need to arrange the correct light for it once for the specific position and all the session can be taken there.

If you want to be sure you got every posing picture during the wedding itself, make a list of what to do as provided below:

Groom with bride, groom with parents, bride with parents, bride and groom with extended family members, bride with extended family members, groom with best man, bride with bridesmaids etc.

There are photographers who come with a background screen for posing photos to take posing pictures in the place of the event. It’s a kind of traveling studio and very comfortable in case more posing photos are needed. Usually the photographer will use it before the wedding but it can be used also during the wedding.

The most beautiful photos is posing session are with wedding objects which create a memorable moments such as, bride with flowers, bride and groom giving the ring to each other, bride with the veil , bride and groom slicing the cake etc. The trick here is to make the object as the main theme while the couple is in the background. To achieve that you can set your focus on the object while the couple is a bit distant in a certain posing scene.

To sum this all up, the options here are numerous as you can create photos with various main themes, focus on all kinds of scenes and doing almost everything you want if it’s stands with the couple’s requirements.